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We Are Drivers Too

We know that normal terresterial radio station were not suited for our e-hailing / rideshare / on-demand apps listener needs. Traffic updates, driver & rider centric updates, EHO promotions, RSO promotions and other were not provided. So we create one's that suit us (the community). This is an Internet based Online Radio therefore should be easily tune worldwide.


Wanted Advertisement Spot?

We do have an advertisement spot placement for everyone. Either you want a seasonal ads placement or short term ads space? Get ready now by subscribing our eHailingFM EHFM ERC20 Utility Token

This EHFM Utility Token will be used to buy advertisement placement on our website, FB Live, promotional material, car wraps and others.

Started Your Own Online Radio

Partners are welcomed to operate an E-Hailing / RideShare Online Radio on their country under eHailingFM global branding / system solution. Low OPEX. Terms and Conditions applied. Please do contact us.

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Voice Out Your Idea / Comments Online

You, yes You. We do need your ideas / comment / advices on anything related to E-Hailing / RideShare / On-Demand Apps services. Feel free to voice it out on our FB / IG / TWITTER / Telegram. We will put it on our online radio

We also open our online radio for those who have their own album / single. We will promote your song in a global scale.

RideShare Online Radio

Providing the best online radio for e-hailing / rideshare / on-demand apps community worldwide
We Are E-Hailing / Rideshare / On-demand Apps Driver Too

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